Merlin ERP

Millennium's ERP is a comprehensive, modular and fully integrated system which is best for businesses that require cost effective, state-of-the-art solutions for managing their operations. Our erp solves problems by integrating key business processes and making interconnected relationships and information available on the fly.

Implementing our Merlin ERP system will brings a magnitude of tangible and intangible benefits. It enables an enterprise to:

- Produce and ccess information in real time for better decision making
- Increase employee productivity and reduce machine downtimes
- Optimally plan and execute production process reducing the time from concept to product launch
- Tracking and controlling in our erp helps record payroll expenses, product costs, project costs
- Improve cash management by tracking and controlling receivables and payable in real time
- Manage Inventory in real time, analyse availability versus forecasted demand, proactively tackle material shortages and reduce inventory carrying costs
- Analyse sales pattern in erp to react quickly to customer needs and provide better customer service


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