Why We Decided To Launch A Free Cloud POS in Pakistan

MSL's motivation behind a free cloud pos for restaurants

Recently we launched our first free SaaS software for Pakistan, Pegasus Web Platform. While in conversations with many businesses who are signing up we noticed a universal confusion as to why we would offer our software for free. This post will break down why we are the one of the first B2B SaaS companies in Pakistan to do so.

MSL and its founders have a deep connection to the history of Pakistan’s IT. Our co-founder helped write Pakistan’s first IT bill which helped usher better times for software companies in Pakistan, so you can say we have been championing small businesses for a while. Observing the landscape in Pakistan today, we noticed the struggling economy and how small businesses are facing unforeseen circumstances due to Covid 19. From Silicon Valley to the small pizzeria on the corner in Boston, small businesses & startups in the west thrive on free software which helps them to grow larger.The difficulties of running an SME are immense and without free software unbearably difficult, our own management team has had many such experiences! Despite these challenges such offerings are conspicuously lacking for SMEs & startups in Pakistan.

This is why we decided to launch a truly, free forever cloud POS web platform, Pegasus, with an android app for order taking. Pegasus is being used in local food giants like Pizza Hut, & Burger King amongst many & contains many enterprise features so far unreachable for restaurants and local chains. With our Free tier we aim to empower businesses of all types in the food industry in Pakistan, to get out there and start selling with world class software designed for their success.

Being a 23 year old startup we are proud to be giving back to the community of startups & SMEs in Pakistan.

Jiyeay Pakistan!

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