Restaurant Industry COVID Super Heroes

Pakistan's COVID Super Heroes

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people from all walks of life all around the world. Some have gone through immense up heaval and are struggling still, while some have benefitted massively from such a shift in wealth and new opportunities. This post serves to highlight those who have given back to the community during these difficult times via their associations or involvement in the restaurant industry.

All Pakistan Restaurant Association:

ARPA set up a income loss fund for the workers of the industry whether they be riders, servers or line cooks. Those who are still facing unemployment and an uncertain future can register here

Details of the Income Ihsaas Program


McDonald's is one of those massive chains who are extremely sensitive to the regions where they are. In Pakistan they are no different and displayed a level of awareness and compassion often missing from large international chains. McDonald's provided free breakfast and packed lunches (limited time) to hospital staff throughout the worst times of the pandemic. They could be seen at numerous hospitals around the city, supporting our front line healthcare workers.

Mush Panjwani (Coffee Wagera):

Superheroes do not scowl or frown specially if it is Mush under the costume! Mush has been a constant force of joy and cheerfulness with his regular posts supporting restaurants on KFD and various other forums. Rarely do you hear harsh criticism in his posts. Coffee Wagera staff were extra helpful to their customers having adopted their SOPs drastically, truly a gem in the local restaurant industry with their quality of service, compassion and providing a blueprint on how restaurants should adapt to COVID-19.

Aman Virji (The Verge):

Aman is a restaurant owner / consultant with a heart. The Verge has gone through an extremely tough time this year, from the country being struck by the pandemic during their opening weeks, to complete mayhem of their premises and massive loss of stock due to flooding. One would imagine The Verge would shut down. But despite all these challenges, Aman can be seen in the weeds in KFD offering free food to people on their cries for help. Truly a masked crusader helping where he can.


An honourable mention to the 100s of restaurants around the country who donated money, food and manpower to local NGOs to distribute food & essentials to destitute areas around the country during these times. Their sacrifice and effort is something we, as customers and humans, should rejoice and highlight!

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