How restaurants increased sales 50% during COVID 19

A collection of tips that restaurants are using to boost sales during Covid 19

With the fast adjusting landscape that is Covid-19, restaurants around the world are utilizing ingenious tactics and some basic SOP's to survive and in some cases even thrive. A categorized bank of tips is available below from real restaurants around the world.

PS: We have poked and prodded around and compiled a worksheet for you to help you with securing your financial situation and providing an overview of important SOPs to implement. An exhaustive list of what you need to do to save your business is provided on this link

Getting Customers In / Marketing:

  • Never before have curbside pickup offered such a fantastic opportunity to sell more to the customers already placing an order. Train your staff to offer customers discounts on particular items so that average spend values increase.
  • Restaurants are switching to curbside pickup and delivery only model. Front of house (waiters etc) are being repurposed to become delivery riders with their own bikes even.
  • Appreciate customers. Randomly select a customer who has not placed an order in recent times and send them a small token of appreciation.
  • Do giveaways.  Run giveaways on social media to get more people to follow you and grow your social media reach. Here’s an article detailing how to get started.
  • Partner with nearby restaurants to share customers and cross advertise via SMS’s or email.  Combine your menu items to offer irresistible deals.
  • Organize a mini restaurant week where restaurants in your neighborhood can all pitch in and do special discounts and cross advertise. This will increase everyone’s organic reach and provide more orders to participating restaurants.
  • Team up with as many platform providers as possible. Any contribution towards your cost is positive revenue and as such should be capitalized on.
  • Other ideas would be to run SMS campaigns, promote food holiday events, and running remote cooking classes.
  • Try having customers sign up for weekly subscriptions to increase repeat orders.
  • Encourage your customers to promote your business and encourage them to support local with instagram hashtags and social media call outs.

Start Deliveries:

  • Starting deliveries is not easy. Riders will need to be trained (perhaps waiting staff could be convinced to become riders. They understand your food and will have far superior service and customer interaction when doing deliveries), systems will need to be put into place, credit card payments will have to be organized. Fear not! MSL’s Pegasus POS platform can help you get deliveries started within a few hours.

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  • Think about your food containers, as food shakes when being delivered.

Menu Changes:

  • If you do decide to adapt your business model to deliveries and curbside takeaway you will need to look at the menu with a critical focus. Deliveries mean your delicate food items will shake around and that could result in the dish not being the same as a dine in experience. Look at your menu and replace items which are not delivery or ‘ride’ friendly.
  • Your customer profiles will probably change as well. Target pocket friendly meal options by increasing the sizes of your menu items to be more family friendly. Remember your customers are going through a financial crunch themselves and will surely welcome this change.
  • Kits are back in fashion! Try converting some of your menu items into meal kits. Its an experience for the whole family as a large population of people would have suddenly discovered home cooking. So try creating versions of your food for families to enjoy at home.
  • Rethink your prices. Some might have to rise.
  • Secure your supply chain.Talk with NGOs supporting local farmers and other vendors to ensure that your restaurant has a steady supply of your required produce.

Operational Changes:

  • Study your POS data with your pos provider to identify costly ingredients which could be replaced by local ingredients, your highest selling items, best selling items by time of day and week of day
  • Cut down on material theft by reviewing your daily consumption variances.

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