How to Manage Restaurant Operations Tip #1

Recipes & Measurement

Recipes & measured use of ingredients are crucial to maintaining standards and profit margins.

What is a Recipe & how to use one?

Recipe is a combination of ingredients with defined weights and a predictable cost. A recipe for a burger could look like:

  • 15 gm of salt
  • 5 gm of pepper
  • 250gm of 70/30 Beef
  • 2 Potato Buns

So on average if your staff follow this recipe this might cost you PKR 200. You might be selling this burger for PKR 800 which means a margin of PKR 600. Following a recipe will help you to stay as close as possible to your calculated costs.

Having a recipe will also ensure that your staff can review and cook the same dish, with the same high quality standards every single time.

Customer Story
Pizza Hut & Burger King Pakistan have been using standardized recipes and reports for over 15 years in MSL’s OMS solutions. It has been the use of this feature which has enabled them to scale up with consistent quality to over 100+ branches today while keeping costs predictable.

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