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Sell smart, sell online and own your customer relationship with Pegasus PoS which helps take your restaurant online with features like your own website, delivery rider tracking and more.

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Pegasus PoS

Pegasus POS - a comprehensive pos for your restaurant

Pegasus PoS Suite

a suite of tools to power your restaurant operations

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Pegasus Solutions

key problem solving MODULES

Pegasus PoS comes with many supporting products, most of which are listed below

Online Ordering & Delivery

Pegasus Online is a free web platform where your customers can place orders on your website. Delivery rider tracking solutions are also available.

Pegasus PoS

The core point of sales system which drives your business. Various features like deals, discounts, embedded analytics and more.

Merlin Inventory

Merlin Inventory is an enterprise grade inventory platform which provides you with advanced inventory management and theft control options.

Artificial Intelligence

Pegasus Order Lab is the artificial intelligence engine at the heart of Pegasus. Target your customers with smarter deals, predict inventory shortages and more

Kitchen Display System

Pegasus KDS is a kitchen display system which allows your kitchen to maintain high quality standards all the while ensuring timely food delivery.

Reporting & Analytics

Pegasus comes with a suite of embedded analytics. You can even create your own (with the purchase of a Merlin Analytics License)

Pegasus Pay

Touchless Payment processing, via debit, credit cards & QR codes, is already integrated at a pre fixed rate and no setup fees!

Call Centre

Pegasus Call Centre is designed for enterprise call centre operators and can handle thousands of orders with 100+ call centre operators.

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