Reduce Delivery Times by upto 15 min

Locus Rider Tracking helps your restaurant deliver piping hot food at the lowest possible cost per delivery to you.

How Do We Do IT?


Precise Locations

Deliver to customer's exact geo co ordinates (captured by Pegasus Online) and ensure that your best food gets delivered

Geo co ordinate based deliveries

Save up to 15 min / delivery *(compared with restaurants not tracking riders)

Know exact Estimated Time of Delivery so you can inform your customers in advance

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Key Features

Automated Rider Management

Easy rider administration which frees you from the headache of managing a fleet of riders

Live Tracking Dashboards

Automated load management and delivery assignment using smart algorithms

Manual assignment for times when you've got that special customer

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Touchless Payment

For the first time in Pakistan your riders can now accept touch less payments via QR codes straight inside their app!

The only rider tracking platform which accepts QR code as well as online credit / debit card payments in Pakistan on delivery.

Touchless Payments

International And Local Cards Supported

Powered by Safepay

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Unparalled Customer Experience

Delight your customers in a unique experience where they can track their food in realtime

Free Status SMS is sent when rider is en route

Timely delivery ensures your food does not loose its special touch

Customers can track orders in realtime

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