About Us

We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change Pakistan & the world.

Millennium Software was founded in 1997. In our early years we were primarily engaged in services based technological solutions till the company decided (post 9/11) to start building our own products for the local Pakistani market.

Tremendous success followed with MSL deploying its class leading payroll & hr solutions at Pakistan's F500 companies, some of whom are still with us today after over 2 decades of using our products.

Over the past few decades we have built numerous enterprise solutions which range from a complete & modular ERP designed for the FMCG and Fast Food Industry along with ever increasing modules of our HRMS which now boasts modules like attendance, anything to do with a complete cycle of an employee's HR experience, payroll & many more. Our PoS solution powers Pakistan's largest fast food franchises today.

But all of our success would be unfounded if it were not for our founders, Ahmed Allaudin and his gang of merry makers. The founders set out to "deliver tomorrow today" in an era where technology was not an oft heard term in Pakistan. Ahmed Allaudin was also instrumental in writing Pakistan's first IT policy. It is his spirit of innovation and pushing the boundaries for companies operating in Pakistan today which serves as our greatest motivation.

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