Millennium Software has developed robust POS (Point of Sale) software designed to cater the needs of a growing customer base of the restaurant chain.

It is a comprehensive POS which aim to increase customer satisfaction by reducing the ordering taking time, increasing efficiency due to faster checkouts, while maintaining accuracy.

- Web based speedy POS solution which will reduce your hardware cost and requires single installation on server.
- Our POS brings you real time reporting on centralized server so head office can monitor and compare performance of all outlets and call center on a single screen to make immediate decisions particularly in special occasions i.e Eid Days, Week end, etc.
- Millennium's POS tightly integrated with ECR device, which will help you to get most accurate credit/debit card data for reconciliation purpose
- KDS with most advanced features that will enhance your efficiency of your outlets which will eventually results in satisfied customers. It support on time and fresh serving/delivery of orders. It does not require any special hardware, it can run on any ordinary PC, with or without touch screen monitor.
- Complete DSC solution having complaint management system.


or more information about this product, please contact us at info@millsoft.com.pk